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A Little Bit About Me

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(If you missed my introduction to this article, where I go over what you need to know about Internet Marketing, read it here.)

My ultimate passion is encouraging and training “Kingdom-minded” entrepreneurs and business owners, helping followers of Jesus to understand the importance of their calling as part of God’s design to strategically expand His Kingdom on this earth and provide real solutions to a hurting world. I appreciate the financial stability and security that effective entrepreneurship can offer and the time freedom to spend my days by design.

Words cannot begin to describe what it feels like to not answer to an alarm clock or a boss, but rather wake up when my body is done sleeping and be in charge of my own business while meeting my family’s needs. It’s amazing to learn, grow, implement and teach others the things God has put on my heart for equipping His people at this hour of tremendous opportunity but extraordinary challenges.

It means the world to me to be able to be where I need and want to be for family and friends at any given time. I can’t imagine the pain of having to ask someone else for time off to live life and take care of personal family matters or take a vacation when it’s convenient for me and my family, or to just sit by the fire with a cup of Yerba Matte tea or hot chocolate and a snack with the kids in the afternoon during cold snowy days or spend time outdoors in warmer weather.


Stevie Knight is a contributing author to this book.

I am a contributing author of the book How to Jump From a Ferris Wheel and Land on Your Feet Vol. II, a unique personal development book, where I share my story of overcoming an abusive relationship.

3 further books on business, social media and internet marketing trends are currently in development.





My (Very) Personal Story

living in 2 worlds…

A preacher’s kid born and raised in France, now living in the US in Colorado, I love meeting people from all over the world. I’ve come to find out that each country and culture has a unique beauty and flavor.

But as a child growing up between 2 different cultures, french and north-american, I was a “third-culture kid.” I felt like an outcast…like I was always “on the outside looking in.” At the time, being somewhat socially unskilled in both worlds, I would occasionally unintentionally offend people. I spoke, dressed, and generally appeared to conform to both cultures, yet I felt I belonged to neither.

I finished high school and 2 years of college in the United States with good grades but few life skills. I drifted for a few years, frustrated by my own immaturity and many stupid choices but not knowing how to move forward. I’d come from a good, loving family, and didn’t seem to meet anyone’s expectations, least of all my own.


Attending college off and on, I dabbled in the club and drug scene for awhile, sinking slowly into depression and self-loathing, coming up to breathe occasionally, hanging on to the hope that someday things would change for me. By age 30, I was a single mom with 2 kids.

It took the battering of the “school of hard knocks” to get me desperate enough to start looking for answers to my big questions: why was my performance so far from my potential? Why did I consistently choose mediocrity?

Trying to bring some kind of stability into my little family’s life, I put my 4 year old daughter into a local french private school.

About that time, I started reading about home education…a concept that was somewhat foreign to me. After all, I’d had most of my schooling in France and what I’d had in the US had been in private schools. But I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of keeping my sweet and jubilant little girl in a school environment and was concerned it might dim her personality, twist her thinking and rob her creative spirit.

So a few years later, I pulled her out of school and we began the journey into self-education at home.

getting hope…

By that time, I was married and had another baby to take care of. Honestly, I was so depressed and discouraged that I could barely take care of myself, let alone my husband and children. So, unable to get out of bed for days on end, I would read in bed, trying to clear my mind of the cobwebs that had settled there, desperately looking for solutions to an intolerable situation.

I read books on true spirituality, personal development, education, parenting, organizing, ADD (which I’d finally been diagnosed with…helped explain a LOT!!!), neuroplasticity and brain function, nutrition and health, and anything that refreshed and energized my mind. I was deliberately planting seeds of hope. I was squeezing out my inner demons with the Truth as my mind, soul and spirit were being renewed.

My children spent hours coloring, reading, playing, amusing themselves while I tried to get my act together. My husband was patient and encouraging. And slowly, over time, my mind began clearing up. I began to hope again. I began to cheerlead for myself, for my dreams and my ability to climb out of the pit I was in.

getting free…

In the process, I became addicted to learning, to discovering what a healthy, well-balanced, exciting life was all about. I learned that for things to change, I had to change. Wow! What a revolutionary concept for me!!! Instead of discouraging me, that concept catapulted me into taking action. I figured that if I was the problem, I was also the solution.

I realized I wasn’t simple a victim of outside circumstances and other people. I had been a victim of my own stinkin’ thinkin’.

And so my passion for life-long learning was ignited and I knew that I had an opportunity not only to change my life but to help others do the same as I progressed along the path from brokenness to healing.

stepping into destiny…

Years later, I can say that learning has been a fabulous adventure for me. In fact, God used it to save my life and put me back onto the path of my Destiny. While I don’t believe in Fate, I do believe in Destiny — that unique story that defines a person’s purpose in life and contribution to the world. It is truly in discovering and actively pursuing Destiny that significant personal, spiritual and professional fulfillment and financial prosperity can be achieved.

As the mother of 5 precious children (from junior high to adults) and as an entrepreneur, my biggest challenge recently has been to balance the needs of my family with the need to feed this delightful addiction to personal and professional growth, as well as inspiring, serving and teaching others as my professional skills have grown, an incredibly enjoyable but occasionally frustrating endeavor.

I now develop and promote live and web-based events and training products on the subjects of wealth, marketing, personal and professional excellence, business and team development, marketing, “Kingdom business”, “marketplace ministry”, faith in business, blogging and social media, and other relevant topics. I also am thrilled to be asked to speak and write on many of those issues. I encourage YOU to discover the specific things that are holding you back and the mindset solutions and actions that will help you step into your Destiny.

God has done extraordinary things in my life and my desire is to serve and pursue Him with passion, hoping my life and character, however imperfect, will reflect His transformative power.

decisions crossroads

how I became an online marketer and social media strategist…

It was 2008. The downward economic spiral was crushing our family. Several big clients in increasing financial crisis could no longer pay us and and those we’d assisted with real estate investments could no longer make their payments, creating a situation where we couldn’t cover our obligations either. We lost millions of dollars of assets and our own million-dollar home. (We were part of the new class of “up-n-outers”…and our sense of humor kept us going!) I needed to find a new path…

We had enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle for several years in real estate. However, by late 2007-2008, like many others heavily invested in real estate across the nation, the economy took its toll and we found ourselves nearly penniless and scrambling to find a source of replacement income and rebuild.

Whatever it was going to be, I knew it had to be something entrepreneurial for 2 reasons.

1. We had just lost our home to short-sale and were having to rebuild our credit and our income from scratch. Our old skills and knowledge would not be enough to recover.

2. As a homeschooling mom with 4 kids still at home, and fiercely entrepreneurial, I was psychologically unemployable.

I was fortunate to work on some behind-the-scenes projects with some well-known successful internet marketers and I discovered I could learn pretty quickly. The dream of success as an internet marketer was sparked!

Not too thrilled with the common paths and pitfalls of low-ticket affiliate marketing or low-ticket network marketing, I searched for a hybrid product or service that I could focus on that could bring in both high-upfront compensation as well as recurring residuals that could leverage a growing team of entrepreneurs. I wanted to replace our 6-figure income quickly. I wasn’t looking for “overnight riches” or a “get-rich-quick” scheme, but I also had financial realities that wouldn’t wait to “get-rich-slow” either!

I joined a series of home-based “opportunities” in travel and personal development that turned out not to have the kind of value I could ethically feel comfortable promoting. It felt like the choice was between high-quality nutritionals and low-income compensation, and low-quality info products with high-income commissions…NOT ideal!!!

My tuition for the Business “school of hard knocks” in the online marketing and network marketing industries was tens of thousands of dollars over several years…several years of disappointment and frustration and many emotional roller-coaster rides as my hopes would be raised briefly before finding out “the rest of the story”…

In time, I finally discovered a combination of income from my own training products that I developed to teach the power of social media and solid marketing strategies, and products and services from companies I trusted that compensated me well for my recommendations that led to sales. I’m thrilled at my results and the results of my happy customers, clients and team members! But success did not happen overnight. It took the RIGHT decisions, the RIGHT mindset, the RIGHT actions and a fierce determination to succeed no matter how long it took!!!

Here were the CRITICAL questions I answered in the process:

1. Does this qualify for the B quadrant of Rich Dad’s Values?

In his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki discusses the HUGE gap between entrepreneurship that leads to owning a real business, versus entrepreneurship that leads to a “job” that owns you. Can your business be scaled up as you grow or are you creating just another J.O.B. in wrapping paper that only APPEARS to be a real Business? Can you leverage others over time, even if you start your business bootstrapping?

2. Is this a good BUSINESS decision?

While researching home business opportunities and the “make-money-from-home” niche, I came across MANY excellent products and services. But product excellence ALONE is not enough to make a long-term business. It can be a real challenge to find a company that has the IDEAL combination of reputation, product value and compensation plan to fit one’s ambitions. DO NOT SETTLE!!!

There is no “perfect” company, whether it be within network marketing or traditional business. However, IDEAL is possible!!!

While I didn’t mind the “work from home in your pajamas” concept (and I often DO just that these days!!!), it did matter to me that the companies, products, services, intrinsic value for families, marketing training (BEYOND “make a list of 100 people you know”!!!), lead generation training, and customer service for my clients…key components of a professional business model…were in place.

3. Is this a high-value, high-demand product/service?

Is the timing for this product/service “right” for current market and economic conditions, and does it leverage valuable trends? Can the company adapt to changes in the market? Is it sufficiently target that the “ideal prospect” recognizes the value of the product/service when it is presented and buys it?

4. Is there opportunity for BOTH high-ticket commissions and ongoing highly-leveraged commissions (residuals)?

This is a MUST if you have a lifestyle that CURRENTLY needs to be supported with significant income. You have to be able to address current financial needs as well as future business and team growth. I chose to focus on working with companies and clients that pay me well both NOW and LATER for my sales and supporting THEIR needs and projects and my team. Keep that in mind.

5. Is the time/energy/learning curve ROI (return on investment) justified?

Regardless of what product or service you are selling, your investment of the following will be the same:

  • Your time, energy and effort expended.
  • Some business overhead
  • Money allocated for advertising (unless you will be using “free” marketing exclusively). Properly used marketing funds add tremendous leverage to your efforts.
  • The learning curve.

So let me ask you, if all else is the same (time/energy/effort, lead generation/marketing, learning), when someone says “yes” to your product or service, does it significantly affect your bank account?

6. Does the company or client providing the product/service I am assisting or promoting have a long-term vision that is compatible with mine and that can lead to long-term customer satisfaction for those who buy based on my recommendation?

There are thousands of solid companies out there with hundreds of thousands of high-quality products and services you could sell. Are the products/services you are considering selling and the accompanying compensation compatible with your present financial circumstances, your long-term objectives, and how you view yourself and your unique value and personal brand?

My story is still in the making, as is yours. I LOVE the people I do business with, the financial rewards and the personal fulfillment I find in my business. I’ve shared my story with you. Whether you’re already running a successful online business, or struggling to get there, I hope my story helps you know what is possible.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what I do, or working with me, please use the contact form or subscribe to my newsletter in the sidebar or below this article! I look forward to helping you achieve YOUR dreams!

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