Stevie Knight is an entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, writer, and homeschooling mom of 5!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m Stevie Knight and I’m honored that you stopped by.

While some people might think that between our own business and having five homeschooled children we’d be considerably slowed down, on the contrary, this digital lifestyle provides us a freedom that most people only dream of.

Because we make our time work for us, rather than working for someone else, we’re able to pick up and travel – and never miss a beat with our business.

I was born and raised in France which has given me a delight in, and appreciation for, people from all over the world. I love helping people to find low-risk, high-potential businesses and helping them gain financial freedom.

Wherever we have an internet connection, our laptops, and a phone, or VOIP/Skype, it’s like being at home in our Colorado office.

I help faith-based Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs understand the importance of their influence in the marketplace and culture, whether to promote a product, service, idea or cause.

Teaching individuals and companies in the ”7 Spheres/Mountains of Culture” (Business, Media, Government, Education, Family, Faith, Arts/Sports/Entertainment) how to increase that influence through the leverage of Social Media and establishing a solid, effective internet presence with Blogging is an honor I never tire of.

In addition to developing and presenting training materials, I also promote high-value products and services. Understanding and valuing the importance of being a leader, I have carefully chosen a portfolio of products and services to represent, in addition to my own. I chose them from within several business models:

Network Marketing: While the Network Marketing industry has taken a bad rap for the actions of unscrupulous companies and reps, it remains a solid business model for the distribution of valuable goods and services and for creating “megamillionaires”!

Direct Sales: This is a subset of the Network Marketing business model, frequently focused on high-ticket (“top-tier”) opportunities that may or may not fit in with the multilevel marketing compensation model.

Affiliate Marketing: These products are generally sold direct to the consumer with only one level, or at most two levels, of commissions paid out for the sales of these products/services/events/conferences…

While I stand behind the entrepreneurial model of business in the mix of marketing methods and industries I advise, I have no idea how much time, effort and capital someone will invest in their own enterprise. Therefore while I provide extensive support, I offer no guarantees to those who choose to follow my recommendations. As they say, “Your mileage may vary.”

As Executive Director of 7 Spheres Media which own this website, I am excited to offer valuable education, opportunities, products and services, in a “multiple streams of online income” portfolio.

Life’s a banquet. Choose the best!

Stevie Knight

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