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Author and business leader David Burrus has recently released an outstanding book that will empower leaders and leaders-in-the-making to step into the leadership practices and role God has called them to. As I started reading the 75 page book, it quickly rose to the top of my large stack of books I’m always working through, whether on my desk or on my Kindle! Hang around and you’ll see why this book on christian business leadership made such an impact on me.

Christian Business Leadership…the challenge

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Guide to Extraordinary Leadership by David BurrusI met David through the founders of the networking, publishing, and training company KingdomDrivenEntrepreneurs. KDE is quickly becoming a premier publisher of powerful books for Kingdom-minded business owners and entrepreneurs. Everything I’ve read that they published has been both encouraging and personally challenging. This book, The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Extraordinary Leadership, is no exception.

I have read many books on christian business leadership. But few have had such a pivotal role in my own business and development as a leader. Without awkward preachiness, David Burrus gives refreshing, honest and spiritually sound counsel as he helps readers uncover the stumbling blocks that are hindering their success.

David Burrus sets the stage by telling his own crossroads story, where he had to decide between moving intentionally into his future or staying stuck in his past. The consequences of that decision have been far-reaching. And David does a great job showing the consequences of each person’s decisions, mindset and understanding of their unique calling.

Christian Business Leadership…the solution

But David’s book goes beyond theory to demonstrate how what we believe affects our leadership performance. His emphasis on individual purpose within a Kingdom mindset (something many have never even heard of) differentiates it from other christian business leadership books.

And when he suggests creating your own personal “Board of Directors”, you realize that he takes christian business leadership very seriously and has practical suggestions that can transform a Kingdom entrepreneur’s business very quickly. But David Burrus is not unrealistic in describing either the challenges that face the christian business leader, nor is he unrealistic in his solutions. His own leadership experience is evident in the book and will impact your business and leadership potential if you let it. Highly recommended!!!

Question: I LOVED this book! Do you have other books on “christian business leadership” that you’d recommend? Why?

I welcome your answers and relevant comments below! Feel free to add your website or most recent blog post URL to your comments. I love to know what projects my readers are passionate about! (Your comment will not be posted immediately as all comments are moderated to add value and not just promotional links.)

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