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If you’re a creative entrepreneur (or would like to be), particularly if you’re a writer, blogger or speaker, you’ve certainly had to deal with doubts about your talents and skills. If that’s you, the just released book Writer’s Doubt: How to Overcome Doubt and Create Work that Matters by popular blogger and author Bryan Hutchinson is the antidote you need for the mental poison of doubt that can crush your dreams and delay any opportunity for success. Bryan lays out both the mindset needed and the strategies that effectively address how writers deal with self-doubt.

How Writers Deal with Self-Doubt…Am I a real writer?

Dealing with self-doubt for writersI stumbled across this book in an online writer’s group I belong to and was instantly hooked. With the internal sense of drama that both plagues and blesses us, few writers escape having to wrestle with this demon.

One of the unique features of this book is the seamless weaving of Bryan Hutchinson’s own story of overcoming self-doubt through the chapters of the book. It adds an important element of human interest that enables readers not only to identify with the author, but also to visualize the process all the way to a positive potential outcome for themselves.

The struggle for identity as a writer has been around as long as mankind has been writing. Dealing with the internal voices that say you are not gifted enough, can’t spell and have little to contribute seems to be a recurring theme in the life of an author, especially in the beginning. Bryan addresses these issues head-on and helps untangle the mess in our heads that can prevent breakthrough.

How Writers Deal with Self-Doubt…Changes in the publishing industry

Bryan also addresses the immense changes the publishing industry as a whole is going through. The traditional “gate-keepers” have lost a considerable amount of the power they have held as we move towards a market led by consumers (the readers) and the writers they love instead of by the publishing houses.

That transition has opened great doors of opportunities for both established and newer authors, and those who have addressed how writers deal with self-doubt have more power than ever before. Creatives who notice underserved markets can break in by implementing the strategies Bryan suggests in the section on marketing, blogging and self-publishing. And established authors can leverage their new ability to interact with their audience through social media.

The barriers to entry have been greatly reduced and writers can connect to their target market much more easily, with quicker feedback and greater income opportunities. That fact alone offers huge incentive for addressing how writers deal with self-doubt and actually working to overcome it!

If the book you want doesn’t exist, then write it.” – Bryan Hutchinson

How Writers Deal with Self-Doubt…Practical Solutions

In Writer’s Doubt, Bryan doesn’t leave you with just an improved mindset. He also addresses the many challenges of writing itself…

  • overcoming writer’s block
  • not letting infatuation with your own words cloud your ability to edit properly
  • how to properly evaluate criticism/feedback
  • writing honestly
  • finding inspiration and motivation
  • self-publishing and common errors in self-published works
  • the value of writing rituals
  • getting unstuck
  • promoting your content
  • building your readership
  • the difference between dreamers and wishers

Bryan Hutchinson makes a great case for the immense rewards of writing, despite the challenges. How writers deal with self-doubt is a critical key to producing work that matters. Read his book. Be healed. Be inspired. Be empowered. Change the world.

Question: Have you struggled with writer’s doubt? How did you resolve it? Do you have some other ideas on how writers deal with self-doubt?

I welcome your answers and relevant comments below! Feel free to add your website or most recent blog post URL to your comments. I love to know what projects my readers are passionate about! (Your comment will not be posted immediately as all comments are moderated to add value and not just promotional links.)

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